Run For Office

SLO County Progressives Candidate Tool Kit

10 Steps to Victory

Whether you’re just entertaining the thought, or you’ve already stepped up, know that you are not alone as you seek to affect meaningful change by running for office! The SLO County Progressives are here to support you!

1. Check Voter Status

Check your personal voter registration status – be certain it accurately reflects your current party affiliation, spelling of your name, home address, etc.

2. Review Positions

View our listing of all the open offices for 2018: State and Federal, County, City Council, School Board, Community Service Districts, Harbor/Fire/Sanitation Districts and Judgeships.  Choose the one that best fits your skills and where you think you’ll make the most meaningful impact. Be sure you meet the qualifications and duties of the office.

3. Give Us a Heads Up

Contact our Elections Committee to let us know about your potential candidacy. Our goal is to help get progressives elected!

4. Find a Treasurer

Look for a treasurer for your campaign and make sure that person is someone you can trust, knows how to manage money. We can recommend a professional if necessary.

5. Gather Signatures

To get on the ballot you’ll need to collect a certain number of signatures. Enlist members in your area to help get them for your filing papers. Contact the County Clerk for specific instructions.

6. Form a Team

Gather your ‘staff.’ If you need help finding people with specific talents, let the Elections Committee know. We can help you get in contact with club members who can help!

7. Deadlines

Make sure you review all the official deadlines for either the June or November 2018 races. Also review the County Candidate information website and the Candidate Manual for State and County Offices (if applicable).

8. Workshop

Attend the SLO County Progressives Candidates’ Workshop this summer (date TBA). We plan to train and assist progressives candidates!

9. File to Run

Make sure you file on time and submit the appropriate filing fee. If you are running for a non-partisan office, you can decide to include a Candidate Statement of Qualifications, which is included in the Sample Ballot Booklet sent to every registered voter in the county. The Candidate Statement is an extra cost, but it will serve you well as a lot of people rely on the booklet, especially for minor offices.

10. Campaign & Win!

Knock as many doors and attend as many events as you and your team can. Winning elections is all about personal connection, get to know as many voters as possible. Candidates endorsed by SLO County Progressives will get assistance.