Time To Celebrate, Progressives!

Time to Celebrate, Progressives!

A new generation of leadership in the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Central Committee was ushered in Monday and immediately united the party around key progressive values of transparency and consensus-building.

In a keenly-democratic moment, SLO County Democrats voted to continue its meeting after the outgoing chairman abruptly and surprisingly adjourned the gathering when challenged on parliamentary procedure. For the three-hour meeting that followed, members spoke their minds, listened with their hearts, and voted their consciences.

Most motions passed with overwhelming support, including one motion to hold future meetings in a larger venue to accommodate rapidly growing public interest in local Democratic Party issues and actions. Many motions passed unanimously, including approval of a letter in support for SB562 – CA Medicare-for-All – to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and the San Luis Obispo City Council.

Other highlights of the meeting included the nominations of SLO Progressives’ Rosemary Canfield and Central Committee member Donna Kandel as candidates for SLOCDP Central Committee Chair. The SLOCDP Chair election will take place at the next meeting on July 17th at 6 p.m. The new meeting location will be announced soon. We encourage all Progressives Club members and community members to attend.

The Monday night meeting marked the first time that the slate of 14 progressive Assembly District Delegates (ADEMs) were seated as full voting members of the committee, after sweeping the election in January in a 3:1 margin. The SLO County Democratic Party is now one of California’s most progressive parties.

SLO County Democrats are now unified in leading the way for electoral victory in 2018 on the Central Coast, California, and the United States. Our sense of urgency is matched by our sense of duty to the Constitution, democracy, each other and our values.

Further information about both Chair candidates, and venue information for July’s SLOCDP meeting, will be posted soon.