Statement On North County

Statement on North County

Dear SLO Progressives Members,

We understand that Janice and some others are upset over the changes made in North County. Change is never easy, and we do not take this action lightly. This unfortunate situation was a direct result of a lack of furthering the goals of the club, goals that were determined by the entire membership. After several attempts to rectify the situation, and numerous complaints from local members, the difficult decision was made.

Now we must move forward. The 2018 primary elections begin in 10 months and there are 111 positions on the ballot throughout the County. We are all here to build a healthier, cleaner, and more just community for everyone and to achieve this we must ensure progressives get elected to those offices. Goals like Medicare for All hang in the balance and our County could make or break what happens.

Visit our new Run for Office section on our website and join us for one of our next meetings where we will continue to lay out the detailed plans of how we win and build a better future.

If you’d like more information about the North County changes feel free to reach out at

Thank you,

SLO Progressives Officers & Advisory Board