Statement on DNC Interference

After recent news of interference in last year’s democratic primaries, the SLO County Progressives join with Senator Elizabeth Warren in calling on DNC chair Tom Perez to do everything in his power to ensure a fair and transparent nominating process in 2020. This includes eliminating superdelegates, shunning corporate lobbyists and their money, scheduling numerous debates during prime-time periods, and ensuring a diversity of voices among DNC staff that are completely independent of any candidate campaign. The DNC is strongly encouraged to actively welcome prominent progressive voices into the party process.

Reform is how we achieve unity in advance of the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Locally we are encouraged in the fact that our San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party is led by pro-reform progressives. The SLO County Progressives Assembly District Delegates, along with the new County Party Executive Committee (made up of a majority of SLO County Progressives members), are ensuring that all local functions of our party are unbiased, transparent, and fair. We welcome the community to attend the county party meetings, held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6pm.

SLO County Progressives, and our local party, are moving forward with reform and building coalitions with like-minded groups to make 2018 the most successful election cycle ever for SLO County Democrats and left-leaning independents. Our candidates are un-bought, pledging to not take big corporate money. They are fighting for the working class and taking our government back from corrupt billionaire interests. We welcome you to join us.