Club Bylaws



The name of this organization shall be San Luis Obispo County Progressives Democratic Club, hereafter referred to as PSLO.


Section 1 – MISSION

To support and elect progressive Democratic candidates and issues, promote and foster an activist grassroots base, and to promote progressive values and principles in San Luis Obispo County.

Section 5 – PURPOSE

The purpose of this club is to:

a) Stimulate active interest in progressive issues, including, but not limited to:
i) “Single Payer” Medicare-for-All Healthcare
ii) Campaign Finance Reform including Overturning Citizens United
iii) Open Primaries
iv) Tuition-Free Public College and University
v) Bold Climate Change Action, including but not limited to:
1) A Ban on Fracking and Offshore Oil Drilling
vi) Opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership and other free trade deals deemed detrimental to American workers by PSLO.
vii) Support of Labor Unions
viii) Address racial, gender, and economic justice issues.
b) Elect progressive Democratic candidates who reflect progressive values.
c) Provide a constructive role for volunteers in Democratic politics.
d) Register Democratic voters.
e) Raise money.
f) Perform other duties and services as will benefit the Democratic Party and of San Luis Obispo County.



Any resident of San Luis Obispo County registered as a Democrat, who supports the purpose of the Club as stated in Article II, above shall be eligible for voting membership in this club.


Any resident of San Luis Obispo County, who is not a registered Democrat but supports the purpose of the Club as stated in Article II, above shall be eligible for non-voting membership in this club.


Everyone eligible to be a member of this club and whose annual dues are currently paid shall be a member in good standing.


Dues shall be recommended by the Executive Board and reviewed at the first meeting of each calendar year. Dues are due on January 1 and payable by January 31 of each Calendar year. Annual dues for new active members shall be prorated on a monthly basis. Payment of dues shall not be obligatory to anyone for whom it constitutes an economic hardship after due consideration and approval by the Executive Board.


A voting member in good standing who has attended at least one prior meeting shall be eligible to vote. No proxy voting shall be permitted.


A voting or non-voting member, who is not part of the Executive Board, whose actions are judged to be prejudicial or detrimental to the club by the Executive Board may be expelled from PSLO upon two-thirds vote by voting members in good standing present at any general or administrative meeting, at which a quorum exists, and five days notice is given.


The following shall automatically cause an individual to forfeit membership:

A. The commencement by the individual, or at the behest of the individual, of legal action against PSLO, or any of its members for activities taken in the course of club activity, or a past or present threat to commence such legal action, whether explicit or implied (as determined by the Executive Board), or a vote by a majority of the Executive Board that they perceive an action by an individual to have been or to be for a purpose which may lead to the commencement of such legal action.

a) Nothing in Section 7.A shall prevent PSLO itself from threatening, commencing, or causing to be commenced, legal action when it deems such action necessary or useful.

B. Physical or verbal threat, assault or other acts of implied or actual violence, not deemed self-defense by a majority of the Executive Board, by the individual towards another person or group of people.

C. Once an individual has forfeited membership under Section 7 they shall not be eligible for future membership until the passage of a 9-month “cooling off” period, and two-thirds of voting members in good standing, present at a scheduled administrative meeting, at which quorum exists and five days notice has been given, has voted, that the individual’s right to seek membership may be reinstated. Section C does not apply in the case of an individual filing a lawsuit, and instead is subject to permanent removal.



Elected officers of this club shall be two Co-Chairs, and one Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Each shall be elected at the administrative meeting in January and hold office for two years. An elected officer may be removed from office by resolution of a two-thirds vote of the voting members at an administrative meeting for such causes as missing four unexcused consecutive meetings (unless his/her absence is caused by illness or temporary absence from the County on the date of the meeting) or non-performance of duties, providing the membership and the officer have been notified five days in advance of the meeting of the proposed action against the officer.


A. Co-Chairs

The two Co-Chairs shall be the Chief Executive Officers of the club. They shall preside over all meetings of the club and the executive board; make appointments to other positions as required; act as official spokespersons of the club. In addition, the Co-Chairs should stimulate active interest in the political process, provide a constructive role for the active volunteers; contribute to effective leadership and individual responsibility; and promote harmony among the club membership. In the event the Co-Chairs disagree on an action required to be taken by the Co-Chairs, a simple majority vote will be taken by all club officers.

B. Vice-Chair

The Vice-Chair shall serve at the direction of the Co-Chairs. He/she shall preside at meetings if the Co-Chairs are unable to do so, or is requested by the Co-Chairs to do so. The Vice-Chair shall take over the duties of Co-Chairs in the absence of those officers, and is responsible for the annual audit.

C. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the general meetings, administrative meetings, executive committee meetings, conduct correspondence, maintain the club’s records, and is responsible for internal communications.

D. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of dues, receive and deposit all club funds received; maintain an accurate record of club receipts and expenditures; sign all checks as authorized by the Executive Board; make the record of club receipts and expenditures available to any member when requested; provide a report of the club financial status at club meetings as requested; provide an annual written report of club financial status; make the books and all other financial records of the club available to the audit committee each year in May. In addition the Treasurer shall be responsible for filing FPPC/FEC financial report on time as required.


Officer elections shall be held each even numbered year at the January administrative meeting. Nominations for each office must be filed no later than the December administrative meeting prior to the election. At the election meeting a secret ballot will be held. Those nominees who receive a majority vote shall be declared elected. If no person receives a majority of votes cast, a run-off shall be held between those two persons receiving the greatest number of votes. The person receiving the majority of the votes shall be declared elected.


When vacancies exist either in membership or in office, the Club shall fill the remainder of the term of such vacancies by nomination at a administrative meeting and election at the next regular meeting thereafter. Persons nominated to fill vacancies must meet the eligibility requirements that pertain to the seat vacated. Notice of any nominations made pursuant to this Article shall be made in the minutes and on the Agenda for the subsequent meeting. Notice of election shall be communicated to the membership and to applicable officials. The Co-Chairs may appoint an interim officer in the event of a vacancy to serve until the election.


The Co-Chairs may appoint a parliamentarian and any other officers not otherwise specified by these bylaws as required for the general well-being of the club.



There shall be a minimum of four general meetings each year, general meetings shall be held at such times and places as specified by a majority of the Executive Board.


There shall be a minimum of four administrative meetings each year, at least one of which shall be in January. Other administrative meetings shall be held at such times and places as specified by a majority of the Executive Board.


50 voting members, as defined in Article III Section 1, in good standing shall constitute a quorum at a general meeting. 10 voting members, as defined in Article III Section 1, in good standing including a majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum at an administrative meeting. A quorum of the Executive Board shall be by a majority of its elected members.


The parliamentary authority is the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


At least five days prior to a general or administrative meeting at which the following items will be discussed and voted upon, meeting notices should be emailed to each member of the club in good standing:

a) Club elections and filling of vacancies
b) Proposed amendments to bylaws
c) Proposed resolutions
d) Endorsements of candidates and/or ballot measures

Such notice shall specify the time, place and date of the general or administrative meeting and describe the event.



The Executive Board shall approve all expenditures and carry out the club business between general and administrative meetings in a manner consistent with actions taken at the general and administrative meetings, and perform any other duties provided for in these bylaws. The Co-Chairs shall pre-approve any written correspondence on behalf of the club. The Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair shall be the sole spokespersons of the club.


Membership of the Executive Board shall include all of the currently elected club officers.


One Co-Chair shall call a meeting, with advance notice, of the Executive Board as needed. Special meetings may be called by a majority of the currently elected members of the Executive Board at any time. A majority of the then currently elected members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.



A. This club may consider the endorsement of candidates for any elective office, or its position on any ballot measure only according to the following procedures. From time to time, PSLO may endorse positions on other public issues.

B. Only candidates who are registered Democrats are eligible for Club endorsement.

C. A motion to endorse a candidate or take a position on a Proposition or public issue must receive the vote of a majority of PSLO voting members present. The quorum necessary to adopt a motion shall be 50 voting members. A 60% vote of the PSLO voting members present at a regular meeting shall be required to approve an endorsement. The quorum for an endorsement vote shall be 50 voting members of the club.

D. Monetary contributions from PSLO to endorsed candidates or ballot measures that exceed $1,000 shall be approved by the general membership at an administrative meeting.


Endorsement of candidates for local, non-partisan offices in districts with jurisdictions which do not extend beyond the boundaries of this county shall be governed by these principles:

a) PSLO may endorse only as many candidates as there are seats to be filled in any one election.
b) PSLO shall not endorse a candidate who is not registered as a Democratic.
c) PSLO shall endorse only candidates who have completed a full evaluation process as established by the Executive Board upon a motion for endorsement.
d) Each candidate shall be given an opportunity provide a written statement and/or complete a committee provided questionnaire supporting their candidacy.
e) A 60% vote of PSLO voting members present at a regular meeting shall be required to approve an endorsement. The quorum for an endorsement vote shall be 50 voting members of the club.
f) The Committee may financially support only the candidates who have been endorsed by PSLO.
g) Individual members of this club may endorse candidates for office only as individual citizens. The club of those members making such endorsements may be indicated for identification purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the club or the Democratic Party.
h) The period of candidate endorsement shall be from the date of endorsement until the candidate’s specific election date; therefore a 60% vote of the Committee members present at a regular or special meeting shall be required to revoke any candidate’s endorsement. The process for revocation would require: 1) Submittal to the Executive Board of motion for revocation for discussion and approval; 2) Placement on the agenda and a vote at the following regular or special meeting.


Local Ballot Propositions, Initiatives, or Measures.

a) The Executive Board shall identify and notify each side of a selected qualified local ballot proposition, initiative, or measure of the possibility of an endorsement as soon as is practicable.
b) Each side shall be given an opportunity to either provide one of the following:
i) Written statement and/or complete a committee provided questionnaire supporting their position on said matter, which will be presented to the club prior to voting on said endorsement.
ii)Send a representative to present to the club their position prior to voting.
c) PSLO shall only endorse a position on said matters for those who have completed the full evaluation process as established by the club.
d) A 60% vote of PSLO voting members present at a regular meeting shall be required to approve an endorsement. The quorum for an endorsement vote shall be 50 voting members of the club.
e) If the PSLO fails to endorse either position on said matters, PSLO shall not provide any substantial support to either position.


As regards California Democratic Party Pre-endorsement Conferences, a roster including only members in good standing, as certified by the President or Secretary, shall be provided to the Chair of the County Democratic Party and the appropriate Regional Director no later than July 1 of the year immediately prior to the state Party’s endorsing process. The Club’s representatives to any Pre-endorsement Conference shall be from this roster and shall be equally apportioned between men and women, to the extent possible. Said representatives shall be appointed by the Co-Chairs, subject to approval of the Executive Board. Club representatives are required to vote in accordance with the official club endorsements.


The club shall affiliate as a club of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Central Committee and pay the biennial fee.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of voting members in good standing present at an administrative meeting after notice has been provided as specified in Article V, Section 5 of these bylaws.


These bylaws shall become effective immediately upon their adoption and shall be the governing rules of the club.

Date: September 19, 2016
Amended: November 16, 2016
Amended: December 15, 2016
Amended: April 6, 2017
Amended: October 17, 2017