About Us

What We Stand For


To support and elect progressive Democratic candidates and issues, promote and foster an activist grassroots base, and to promote progressive values and principles in San Luis Obispo County.


The purpose of this club is to:

  1. Stimulate active interest in progressive issues, including, but not limited to:
    1. “Single Payer” Medicare-for-All Healthcare
    2. Campaign Finance Reform including Overturning Citizens United
    3. Open Primaries
    4. Tuition-Free Public College and University
    5. Bold Climate Change Action, including but not limited to:
      1. A Ban on Fracking and Offshore Oil Drilling
    6. Opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership and other free trade deals deemed detrimental to American workers by PSLO.
    7. Support of Labor Unions
    8. Address racial, gender, and economic justice issues.
  2. Elect progressive Democratic candidates who reflect progressive values.
  3. Provide a constructive role for volunteers in Democratic politics.
  4. Register Democratic voters.
  5. Raise money.
  6. Perform other duties and services as will benefit the Democratic Party and of San Luis Obispo County.


Honorary Founding Co-Chair, Heidi Harmon
Co-Chair, Nick Andre
Co-Chair, Tarrah Graves
Vice-Chair, Quinn Brady
Operational Director, James Sofranko
Community Outreach Director, Gabriel Granados
Recording Secretary, Melanie Barket
Corresponding Secretary, Deborah Scarborough
Treasurer, Tim Jouet

Advisory Board

Eric Veium
Bill McCarthy
Shannon Len
Cheryl Vines
Jonathan Tasini

Erica Andrade
Giacomo Longato
Barry Price
Charles Varni
Sherri Stoddard

Rosemary Wrenn
Donna Helete
Allene Villa
Courtney Haile
Samson Blackwell

Regional Directors