SLO County Progressives proudly endorse these candidates in the June 2018 primary election

Malia Cohen

Board of Equalization District 2

Bill Ostrander

State Assembly District 35

Bruce Gibson

County Supervisor District 2

Jimmy Paulding

County Supervisor District 4

Greg Clayton

County Sheriff-Coronor

Judge Mike Cummins

County District Attorney

Tim Covello

for Superior Court Judge


We need people power to win these races.  If everyone pitched in just a couple of hours, it will have a huge impact!

Help: Paulding  Ostrander  Gibson



Donate to a campaign

We don’t have the big money donors that our opponents do, but lots of small contributions can make a big difference.  Toss-in just a few dollars!

Support: Paulding Ostrander Gibson

Run for office

There are over 100 local elected offices, which we would like to fill with progressives.  Could you be one of them?  Most of these races are on the Nov. 2018 ballot.  Click here to learn more.